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Aurora Pakistan is one of the Pioneer Epoxy Solution providers with more than 5 years of experience. We provide futuristic designs and innovative Epoxy solutions for Multi-story building Car Parking Floors.
What is Epoxy? Epoxy is a unique floor material. Once the concrete floor is smoothed and prepped, a resin and hardening chemical are mixed and layed on to the floor. The chemical reaction will turn the mixture into a hard surface which creates a strong Epoxy layer as a part of the floor.




  • It is multi-purpose flooring and complies with many applications
  • It is highly durable, easy to clean, and breeze easy to install
  • Scratch-resistant, dent-resistant, and can tolerate heavy loads
  • EPDM Flooring Dubai Withstand high-temperature deviation from -40F to 300F
  • Waterproof and comprehensively worst weather resistant
  • Environment friendly, elegant in looks, and sustainable
  • Available in various colors and textures
  • Compatible for ponds, pools, parks, schools, playgrounds, gyms, and walkways.

Why Choose Us for EPDM Flooring?

Aurora Pakistan has renowned popularity by offering quality flooring and efficient installation service at competitive rates. Whether you want to buy EPDM Flooring for a large hospital or need to install EPDM flooring into small healthcare clinics, play areas, schools, we have a wide collection of EPDM floorings and a team of certified professionals to accomplish your job efficiently. Fixit Design also has courteous and very responsive customer support that answers your all queries, guides you about your project, helps in the selection of the right floor covering, and sends the team promptly to serve you.

Why Choose Us for EPDM Flooring?

When looking for an ideal flooring for your residential or commercial area, you must consider factors, such as versatility, safety, moisture-resistance, durability, and aesthetics among others. The EPDM rubber surfacing fulfills most of these requirements. Therefore, it’s the number one flooring choice among flooring installers, home decor experts, and remodelers.

Read on to know more about the benefits of installing an EPDM rubber surface.

It’s a Cost-Effective Flooring Option

Many may claim otherwise; however, EPDM rubber surfacing comes across as a highly cost-effective floor option in the long term. Though the initial cost of installing a rubber surface is high, the tough, safe, mold-resistant, and maintenance-free surface pays for itself, unlike other surfaces like hardwood flooring or cork.

It’s a Cost-Effective Flooring Option

MIt Can Be Easily Customized to Your Needs
EPDM rubber granules are available in a variety of colors. This allows rubber surfacing installers to get creative with the rubber surfacing design options, giving your living, working, or play area a facelift.

Modern EPDM surfaces are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Depending on your preferences, the latest design trends, and the overall decor, EPDM surfacing experts can offer you a plethora of options that can render an aesthetic appeal to any space.

If you have a specific color combination in mind, we can work with the speckled or confetti look using a mix of colored EPDM granules that’ll complement the look. This will significantly boost the area’s curb appeal and property value.


The world's cleanest, healthiest, and safest commercial flooring solution for businesses and facilities.



The durability of epoxy flooring products mean they have been used in industrial environments for a number of years.

  • Enhances Appearance
  • Highly Cost-Effective
  • Great Durability
  • High Resistance
  • Safety and Visibility
  • Incredible Strength
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Vehicle Compatibility