When it comes to renovations of industrial facilities, companies and organizations often tend to prioritize exterior and interior painting. Floors remain largely overlooked unless the damage is significant enough to affect daily workflow. However, they are essential for safety, keeping facilities clean, and have a great impact on productivity. Industrial epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for your warehouse, factory, or other industrial premises. Not only is epoxy flooring an attractive finish that will keep your concrete floors in perfect condition for years to come, their resistance and durability also helps improve the safety of your employees


Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities are known for their ability to respond to a variety of emergencies, along with providing a sanitary and healthy environment for the people in need of medical care. When it comes to providing a healthy environment, medical facilities utilize epoxy flooring from Aurora Pakistan for their flooring needs, as they provide the best benefits in terms of sanitation that can pass medical regulations


One way to make your parking more than just a place where your tenants or customers can park their cars is to opt for epoxy flooring. Today, you can find a wide assortment of epoxy formulations in a range of attractive colors. These can be further enhanced with decorative paint and marking to transform dull parking spaces into colorful, beautifully designed parking facilities that look like fancy automobile showrooms


Designed to cover outdated concrete or asphalt surfaces, transforming them into colourful play surfaces in the blink of an eye. Absorbs the impact forces of feet, reduce sports injury, and suit to both long-term exercises and games.


Our Tables are made with natural wood Dried prior to putting them into any type of design/shape. The wood is then filled with high quality resin or trimmed/shaped to a design pattern. The wood and resin type will vary depending on the design. All Tables are customisable as per customer’s demand and choice of top and base. Our pieces are assembled with a great blend of modern art and contemporary designs, keeping them “in style” throughout. You can place these intricate pieces to decorate any part of your home or office. Enjoy the luxurious ambiance created, leaving your guests awestruck every time they visit. All materials used in the products are premium quality.