Besides enhacing the aesthetic appeal of a parking facility,epoxy systems harden to form tough,smooth,long-lasting coatings that increase concrete floor’s resistance to vehicle and pedestria traafic, abrasion,impact,oil stains,tire marks,gasoline and brake fluid spills and many other chemical and mechanical stresses that could significantly damage bare concrete


Epoxy flooring has anti-slip characteristics and inherently resistant to moisture and water. These two properties make it one of the best options for parking garages and other spaces subject to rainwater and elevated moisture levels. Furthermore,epoxy coatings can be cleaned easily with appropriate cleaning solutions,machines or pressure washers.

Cost Savings

When comparing the cost of various garage flooring solutions,don’t just look at the square-foot installation cost. Some flooring alternatives that are relatively inexpensive to install may result in higher cost over their lifetime,whereas more expensive flooring solutions can amount to heavy cost savings in the long run.

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